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Grand Gestures

Some would say it's passé to celebrate Valentine's Day as Love should be celebrated everyday rather than one day in year.

I'm inclined to agree in part. It is true that relationships and marriages where both parties intentionally make the effort to convey their affections on a regular basis are generally happier couples.

However, celebrating Valentine's Day is simply you showing your feelings of love, affection and friendship in a public way.

I don't know about you, but if my husband decides to shout his love for me from a Limo with flowers on Richard Gere's character in Pretty Woman...

I'll be in *kilig heaven* for sure.

Seriously? Women dig grand gestures.

It's probably in our DNA.

So, still thinking of NOT celebrating Valentine's this year?

My advice: Go big or Go home. Plan your grand gesture now, you'll thank me later.

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