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  • Marie L.

Remember when...

Losing someone is always painful. Losing someone so loving…even more so.

I’ve known my husband’s aunt for only 6 years but she has made a big impact on my life. In that short period she has been my role model of sorts, a talented woman who is able to juggle motherhood, work and ministry.

I find myself often remembering the moments of how she would randomly call me to ask how I was and would often encourage me to rest more to cope with the demands of a newborn baby. Even on her last days, her last words to me were encouragement to be the best mother I can be.

It’s not possible for us to live in the past – we must move forward despite that aching loss.

In our memories we can choose not to remember not how they died, but to remember the way they lived.

With this Velvet Collection, I drew inspiration from her bold character and her loving kindness, strong but sweet.