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Finally...Preserved Peonies!

After years of searching the world (oh yes, I pretty much emailed dozens of floriculturists in every continent) searching for preserved peonies.

But you see, peonies are seasonal flowers that grows in spring and is a favorite flower used for weddings that usually global demand for them is higher than the actual world supply. The result = peony growers were not really prioritizing to try the process of preserving peonies

(frankly, they simply earn more by selling them as freshly cut).

This changed however when the Covid pandemic crippled the world. Suddenly there is an oversupply of flowers in Europe as floral businesses around the world began cancelling orders. What did floriculturists in Holland and France do? Aside from donating flowers to hospitals and such, they had to try to preserve them.

And here we are, we finally have preserved peonies (the first in the Philippines), they are so delicate and pretty…I’m in love with them!

I was especially thrilled to start designing a new collection. I’ll blog more on the designs and how I came up with them later on. I just had to post this announcement of what to expect from us very soon!



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