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A Surprise for Mom

Updated: Jan 4, 2019

"Mom loved it! Thank you so much!! She couldn't stop crying!" - Mary Almazan

I just cannot say no to surprises for Moms. We were already fully booked when Mary ordered and I was about to refuse the request, but she said her dad would not be home for Valentine's Day that year and they (dad+kids) decided to do something special for their Mom. What can I say? (heart melting...) Okay. My heart fluttered when I received the message we were to include with the Lè Belle Arrangement, it read...

Dear Beauty,

Here's something to thank you for marrying the beast.

Happy Valentine's Day!

- Dad

It's for moments like these that I consider spending hours designing a perfect Preserved Flower Arrangement worth it. When Mary sent this picture of her mom, I felt honored to have made something that meaningful.

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