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Our Sunflowers are Back, Bigger and Better!

We are pleased to announce that we partnered with Floriculturists from Ecuador who managed to make Sunflower Hybrid Species made specifically for preserving Girasoles!

These Hybrid Sunflowers have larger and thicker petals ideal for preserving and though they don't look exactly like the common sunflower - you will agree with me that they look stunning and just as pretty!

Backstory: Earlier this year we imported Sunflowers that were preserved in Japan where they used the Natural Pacino variety. While they were able to retain most of the characteristics of fresh sunflowers, there were also minor problems. Since sunflowers have naturally long and thin petals - it took a longer time to arrange them as natural movements or gravity would shift the petals continuously. It was an obstacle for a meticulous designer like me who prioritizes balance and proportions - a lot of hours and many revisions to finish a single sunflower arrangement that meets my standards. It was exhausting to say the least.

Now, because we decided on importing Girasoles grown, cut and preserved in Ecuador, I decided to brush up on Spanish floral designs - the rustic, natural and nonchalant type of arrangements (quite different from the French and Japanese styles that I am used to).

I hope you love our newest Sunflower Collection - Spanish Botánico-Inspired pieces.

Muchas Gracias,


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