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A Gift of Sunny Smiles

Yehey! Months of sourcing, learning and hard work finally pays off! I must say, it was not easy at all as it was hard to source preserved sunflowers because they are seasonal in nature (blooms only in the middle of summer). Also their petals are so delicate (after preservation) that they take double the time to arrange them. Wait, I'm not complaining (though sure sounds like it haha!). I'm just so happy we're able to offer these limited-edition Preserved Sunflower in French Glass Domes after all the messages we received from clients requesting them.

Without further adieu, presenting to you our Lé Soleil - the gift that brings Sunny Smiles.


We can only offer about two dozen of these beauties at this time, after which we will have to remove them from the collection and hopefully be able to offer them again next year.

Why only 2 dozen?! Coz I damaged about a dozen of 'em with trial and error while coming up with our designs. Perfectionist si ate 😹

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