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Frequently Asked Questions

You asked, We answered.

How can I place my order?

If your chosen product is available on our website, then the fastest way to order is to shop on our website.  You will receive a confirmation email from us to verify your order and shipping choices.  Once your order and payment has been validated, we will include your order in our production schedule, after your order is produced, we will dispatch your order with your chosen courier.

However, if your preferred product design or color is not available on our website, you may chat with us directly so we can discuss your requirements in detail.

How soon can I receive an order?

Production lead time is usually 1-2 working days on single rose arrangements and 2-4 working days on multiple flower arrangements. Delivery lead times depend on your chosen delivery method.

Please note that each order is produced only upon receiving a confirmed (paid) order and production is scheduled according to slots available on a first come first serve basis.

All our deliveries are fulfilled by independent courier companies, Bloomiere does not guarantee delivery dates and times except when Exact-Day Delivery/Rider Delivery option is availed upon checkout. 

Who can I turn to for special requests and customized flower arrangements?

We try our best to accommodate every customer’s special request. In order to do so, you can either add your request on the field provided at check-out on the website or you can contact us directly via email at If we have any questions regarding your special requests, we will contact you as soon as possible.

What are the payment options?

We currently offer Paypal, Credit Cards, Bank Deposit and Local Remittances as payment options.

Do you offer COD?

We currently do not. We begin order production only when orders are confirmed by receiving payment first.

How and where do you deliver?

Our usual delivery is through our local courier partners with Standard Delivery Service (3-7 days) and Exact-Day Delivery Service, kindly message us to know more about your delivery options.

We can deliver our products door-to-door to every city in the Philippines. We also deliver internationally via DHL Air Freight Delivery  - rates to be quoted separately depending on order details.

What is the schedule of your deliveries?

Standard/Rush Courier Delivery Service

Bloomiere dispatches orders for courier shipping every working day of the week except weekends and only during our business hours 10am-6pm.

Note: These deliveries are fulfilled by independent courier companies such as LBC, Bloomiere has no control over which day and time they will deliver, we can only give you a date range/estimated arrival.

Exact-Day Rider Delivery

Unless requested otherwise, for rider deliveries we usually book them after lunch to avoid the morning traffic rush within metro manila. Receiving time generally depends on the traffic & distance going to the receiver's address but we try to estimate arrival between 2-5pm.

Should you require an earlier or later time beyond our working hours, just let us know so we can check if we can accommodate, additional personnel overtime charges may apply.

How much are the delivery charges?

Shipping rates to be added depends on the ff:

1.) size of the item  2.) delivery location  3.) type of delivery

It is best to contact us to help you decide on the best shipping option for your gift.

TIP: From time to time we offer FREE SHIPPING promotions. Sign up to our e-mail list to receive our seasonal discounts and promotions!

What do I do when the delivery of my order is delayed or missing?

For standard shipping service, please expect the item to arrive between 3 – 7 days after the day it was dispatched (excluding weekends). After this delivery period, you may contact our team at +63 926 686.6465 and we will do everything we can to assist you in contacting the courier company to locate your package.  On the unlikely event that your delivery is proven missing, Bloomiere will offer a rush re-delivery of an alternative product using another courier to your intended address.

What if there is no receiver or the delivery address cannot be located?

Regular or Provincial Delivery Service

Most couriers will typically re-deliver on another day if they encounter any delivery difficulties on their first try. These will be reported on the tracking info available on their respective websites.

Exact-Day Rider Delivery Service

Most delivery service companies have a strict 15-minute waiting time policy per delivery address. If the recipient asks them to wait for any reason, riders may ask for an extra charge of P60-100/hour. 

If the recipient is not available, refused to receive the arrangement or the address cannot be located - delivery riders will reroute the delivery back to us for the same fee paid for the initial delivery.

When the arrangement is delivered back to us, clients must first settle the return delivery fee + new delivery fee before we can schedule to re-deliver again.

To avoid these delivery problems:

1.) Give an alternative receiver within the same location (to receive if original recipient is not around or is not responding)

2.) Make sure to give the correct address that is google maps searchable, provide directions and landmarks if area is remote/secluded. 

Please be mindful when providing the exact address. If a wrong address was given, Bloomiere will not be held responsible for delivery mistakes as a result .

Do you have a physical store?

We are an online shop and we do not stock ready-made items to ensure top-notch quality for our clients. Should you wish to pick up your order, you may do so upon appointment. We are based in Alabang Muntinlupa area.

Do you create fresh flower arrangements?

No. We specialize in designing preserved flower arrangements only. Because of this, we are experts in this field and are able to customize every design.

Our focus also allows us to import in large quantities - keeping prices to affordable levels throughout the year.

How long does preserved flowers last?

Our authentic preserved flowers are preserved in Japan with a patented technique and organic solution, enabling them to stay beautiful for at least a year in our 30℃ weather in the Philippines.  Our preserved flowers can last 2 years or more if cared for properly in cooler less-humid environments. In countries like Japan, Korea, and US with generally lower humidity levels, our preserved flowers can last 3 years or more.

Please take the time to read the Product Info and Care Card that comes with every arrangement.

Are there many types of preserved flowers/preserving process?

The common process of preserving flowers (which is used locally) is by drying out the moisture in flowers using different drying agents. Examples of these are freeze drying, hang drying, silica drying etc. These are the methods regularly used when you want to have your fresh bouquet preserved here in the Philippines.

Bloomiere preserved flowers are preserved in Japan where the method is different. The blooms are submerged in a special solution using a different technique meant to seal the moisture in. This results to soft, supple and fresh-looking preserved blooms (as opposed to wrinkled and dry). This process is the most costly of all preservation techniques which is why authentic preserved flowers like ours are often considered as luxury gifts.

All preservation techniques are meant to only delay the natural wilting process. Natural flowers will eventually wilt over time, only plastic/silk/rubber flowers will last for decades.

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