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©2019 by Bloomiere

Bloomiere Engraving Service

  • Done by a Professional Engraving Artist
  • Requires 10 Working Days to Finish
  • Maximum of 5 words or less 


Hard Bound Box / Keepsake box

Queen | Trio Bloom | Medley Bloom | Ensemble Bloom | Orchestra Bloom

All designs using hardbound box may have an engraved glass message installed under the cover, instantly visible when box is opened.


Acryglass Box

Princess | Garden Solo | Garden Duet | Garden Trine | Garden Eden | Garden Rows

All designs within an acryglass box whether black, beige or clear acryglass - may have a short message engraved directly on the box. Engraved message is always visible when displayed.


Add On: Engraving on Acryglass

Working Days