A True Story

One of the memories closest to my heart is when my husband first began courting me the old fashioned way. The very first thing he gave me was a large preserved pink rose and told me “I finally found you.”

I fixed the rose on my dressing mirror and I started and ended my day being reminded of his love.

Two years later, I brought the rose with me to my hotel dressing room where I was preparing for our wedding day. I was feeling nervous and held the rose close to my heart, feeling the softness of the petals as memories of love, of promises and dreams began to rush through me. A sense of calm settled on me and I was instantly ready.

I put down the rose and walked down the aisle to marry the man who searched and finally found me.

Memories like these are precious. They are a source of joy that we want to share with all of you. With BLOOMIERE, we help you create lasting memories to cherish with those you love.

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