Rose Color Meaning

The Red Rose

Love & Affection

Red roses has always been associated with beauty and perfection. Given to your beloved, it is a symbol of your love, romance and affection. As a gift, it is a reminder of your loyalty and devotion.

The White Rose

Commitment, Sympathy & Spirituality

White Roses tell a story by itself. It is a symbol of vows, commitments and new beginnings. To a grieving soul, its perfect serene shade gives a sense of calmness. I’m Sorry is best expressed with a Pure White Rose.

The Pink Rose

Admiration & Appreciation

Beautiful and alluring is a pink rose. A classic symbol of grace and elegance. To give a pink rose is to express one’s admiration and appreciation. As a gift, a pink rose will make any woman smile.

The Yellow Rose

Friendship and Joy

Sunshine bright, a yellow roses express laughter and joy. A traditional symbol of friendship, yellow lights up a room like your best friend could On any occasion you want to give a joyful gift, yellow roses brings good cheer.

The Orange Rose

Enthusiasm and Praise

Bright and energizing like the sunrise, soft and serene like the sunset From peach to tangerine, a wide array of orange-kissed roses can show your enthusiasm. When Congratulations are in order, orange roses sing your praises.

The Purple Rose

Respect and Esteem

A well-known color for royalty, purple represents opulence, elegance and grandeur. It symbolizes one’s respect, admiration and high esteem of an individual. Someone you hold in high regard deserves nothing less than a purple rose.

The Blue Rose

Charm and Mystery

Blue roses are very rare, which is why they are used to convey a message of mystery. People with a love for the unique and the sense of the impossible appreciate blue colored roses. A gift filled with charm and unique mystery, blue roses expresses feelings you cannot with words.

The Green Rose

Peace and Well-being

Green roses symbolizes nature, and how the world around us contributes to our well-being. Psychologists believe that the color green often imparts a sense of calm, balance, stability and peace to the human mind.

Whether it is a celebration of a new baby, a physical recovery, a new house, or a new chapter in life, green roses signifies the constant rejuvenation of our body and spirit.