How To Care Guide

Bloomiere’s Infinity Flowers does not have a set expiry date. The condition of the arrangement may change depending on the environment the flowers are stored in.  The flowers can last for years but we recommend that the best viewing period is within a year, we do not want to over-promise since the Philippines’ climate is generally humid. Depending on the level of care, your Bloomiere arrangement can last 1-2 years if care instructions below are followed.

Care Instruction

  • Please do not remove Bloomiere Arrangements from their boxes
  • If not being viewed, keep boxes closed
  • Do NOT water the product and avoid direct contact with anything wet
  • Take care not to expose product to direct sunlight or strong lighting
  • Best stored and displayed at temperatures below 35 C
  • Best humidity level to prolong preservation is at 40-60%
  • May require occasional dusting, use hair dryer from a distance
  • Frequent touching may cause bruising, gentle handling is advised